Monday, December 04, 2006

Leave the laptop behind with PortableApps

Most readers who use Windows are familiar with two kinds of software: applications that run within the Windows framework, and Web-based applications. Using the former requires access to your own computer; using the latter requires password management and an Internet connection.

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Trying for 3.5G Yahoo! Mail with English interface

There are already quite a few of Chinese websites saying Yahoo! Mail is offering 3.5G for China users. So we tested with our US Yahoo! Mail to see whether it is possible to reach for 3.5G storage and 20M attachments. We use changing language technique as:

Step 1. Login to Yahoo! Mail as usual. Click options on the right, and than click account information.


Step 2. Going to the account information. Click edit as changing the lanuage and timezone.


Step 3. Okay. Change timezone as “GMT+8″ and click “Yahoo! U.S.”


Step 4. Great. We change it to Yahoo! China.


Step 5. Not sure what it’s talking about. So click the button.


Step 6. Clicking right on the top. It is “Finished” button.


Than re-login to the homepage. Still 1GB. That means Yahoo! US Mail cannot go with 3.5GB.
We are not so happy about Yahoo!’s unfairness. We tried the same steps for Yahoo! HK Mail accounts (that is,

Oh! Magic! We got 3.5G with the Yahoo! HK Mail accounts. Than we try to change the old fashion interface to the new BETA interface. We copy this link to the browser and go. The new Yahoo! Mail Beta pops in, and see, with english interface. (Click for larger picture)

But when we click on the Account information. We see that the interface still in Simplified Chinese. When we tried to change the preferred content as “U.S.”, the mail storage size decreases.

To conclude, we want Yahoo! to be fair for all users, enjoy 3.5G (though that is very large and seems no one can fill it up) and 20MB attachment in the future.

We will try to test this huge mail box someday later, maybe.

Friday, August 25, 2006

iPod 5G Themes List v1.1.1 (Screens included)

This is a list (in progress) of all themes for the 5G. If i find a theme that isn't using the most recent update I convert it to 1.1.1 using the converter. Then I make screens of the Now Playing and Charging screens for all of the themes. Finally they are uploaded here. All credit for these themes go to their original creators/porters. The name of the creator is in the zip file name (ex: "creator - theme name.rar"). If someone edits/ports another person's theme credit will be given to both people (ex: "creator - theme name (editor/porter).rar" ). Also, the screens may not look exactly like the original creator's work because of fonts they may have included in their theme. If a theme has a font with it i'll leave the font in the zip with anything else the creator added, i'll only update the pics in the theme, everything else is left untouched.

If you want to comment about a specific theme in this list you can search the forum using the title of the theme and comment in the original post.



Admins: Thank you for stickying it!

v1.1.1 Themes

Jabdo79 - Honeycake Blue.rar

grumpytreto - Final Fantasy

grumpytreto - Looney

grumpytreto - Nightmare Before

grumpytreto -

grumpytreto - World

Isuka - Marble

Dustin -

Mike101 - MSN 8.0

Svoms - Basic Black &

Svoms - Black &

Windows Users - Get photos on your contacts

Some have said that only Mac users can get photos attached to their contacts on the 5G's. I found a way to do this with a Windows iPod. If you don't already have it, download and install Palm Desktop. It's the software that comes with Palm Pilots, and is free to download.

Create a contact in Palm Desktop and add a photo. (FYI, I've found that photos that are cropped to about 96 x 96 work well. Square is best.) Then, you can highlight your contact that has the photo attached and select "Export vCard" from the File menu. Navigate to the contacts folder on your iPod, and drop it in there. This should make it come up on your iPod the next time you check your contacts.

Hope this works well for you.

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